HR Partnerships

Executive consulting And Experts On-Demand

Executive consulting And Experts On-Demand


Count on our executives to function as a second set of arms and legs. Whatever the need, our experts will help. 

Objective, third-party investigations reduce organizational risk and are becoming standard when it comes to critical issues such as: Title VII, ADA, Sexual Harassment, EPA, Whistleblowers and Retaliation. If not handled timely, or correctly, these investigations can cost an organization millions of dollars; not to mention bad internal and external PR. C&C has the experience and the professionals, to handle emergent investigations. A critical way to prevail is by demonstrating; clean, clear and objective investigatory and coaching processes. This happens when you partner with C&C, and allow our experts to objectively conduct these critical investigations. 

A C&C full deployment, enables HR to refer all top tier investigations to Churchstreeter and Crosse. With a track-record of success, why choose anyone but C&C to handle these investigations. 

Large scale reductions in force are difficult to plan, emotionally taxing, can create lawsuits,   and can be dangerous. Partner with Churchstreeter and Crosse and we will make the process smooth and seamless for the executive team and HR. The employees facing termination will always be treated with the utmost respect. The C&C team will work with your PR department or will handle PR. C&C will also conduct employee and stakeholder meetings, as needed by our clients. A poorly orchestrated and executed reduction in-force can take years to recover from and can result in lost revenue.

Searching for the right executive to join your team? Our C&C Talent Acquisition Experts are able to set Talent Strategy and perform Executive Search for a fraction of tradition costs. Are you tired of paying 30% and hoping the leader works out? Let C&C show you the difference with our flat fee executive search program.

Have you ever considered fully outsourcing your Talent Acquisition Department? Let Churchstreeter and Crosse become your Talent Acquisition Department. Our Talent Acquisition executives are the best in the business and they will build a team specifically for your company. With a Total Talent Deployment, all Talent Acquisition teams focus on one client only. They are your in-house Talent Acquisition Team and are as bought-in as regular employees. 

Executive consulting And Experts On-Demand

Executive consulting And Experts On-Demand

Executive consulting And Experts On-Demand


Having an executive consultant on demand has become the trademark of the most successful companies today. 

When emergencies or emergent needs arise, Churchstreeter and Crosse is the partner of choice. Our executives will be ready and can be onsite within 24 hours. With C&C, you will receive 24/7 access should a crisis arise.  

Our Executive Consultants are vetted, subject matter experts with at least fifteen years of experience. C&C Principles are able to successfully function as a Chief Officer within the specialty and that is part of the C&C difference.

Have you ever wanted, or needed to clone yourself? Bounce ideas off of someone who understands? Having a confidential and objective expert to assist in critical decision making creates better strategies and leads to better results. While working under NDA, a C&C Executive will give you the extra set of ears, ideas, arms and legs, that you need to complete projects, build portfolios, build buildings, turnaround unprofitable services, or close the biggest deal of your life. 

Are you ready for this type of trusted partner?

Do you need your clone when you need them and only when you need them? 

Do you have a need for a long-term interim engagement?

Allow C&C to handle all of your executive consulting and expert on demand needs.

Executive Coaching

Executive consulting And Experts On-Demand

Executive Coaching


The Churchstreeter and Crosse Principle is capable of engaging immediately. 

The Executive Coaching experience with Churchstreeter and Crosse rises above all competitor firms. 

From one-on-one coaching, executive team coaching to large scale turn-around coaching, count on Churchstreeter and Crosse. 

The Churchstreeter and Crosse Principle is an expert in their field. As such, they take care of all details. Together, you will chart the course and they will help you execute strategy. 

The C&C Principle is capable of bringing together new teams. If you are a new executive and you're wondering about team dynamics, bring a C&C coach to the table. The coach becomes a valuable partner for the entire team, and specifically for the new executive. Your coach will help you determine who are the real super-stars, the hidden gems and the "ones to watch." Let the C&C Coach do this work for you. 

Churchstreeter and Crosse Leadership Coaching for the Board of Directors: take your Board of Directors to the next level. Let C&C set the course and assist you in achieving your goals.